Anniversary Tattoos

An Unpopular Opinion:

adapted from an Instagram post from 9.16.18

I love my partner more than I love my sweet, precious, angel child (and I love my sweet, precious angel child a fuck ton.)

Sometimes it’s just the plain and natural truth and sometimes I have to remind myself.

But it’s an effort I make because the self-sacrificial idea that compels us to put our relationship with our kids above all other relationships is not long-term sustainable, and in our case, I don’t think it’s in Kahlo’s best interest to put him before US in my heart.

Obviously, I love my kid, so much my heart hurts, but I love Alex more.

Kahlo’s cameo in our love story is the most interesting, beautiful journey we’ve taken together yet, but eventually, Kahlo will grow up to find his person or people, and his soul will likely be more at home with them.

His life won’t be as intertwined with ours as it is right now.

And once Kahlo’s story outgrows ours, we’ll still be here.

Sandhill cranes symbolize longevity and balance. They mate for life. They are one of the only animals that perform their dances year-round, not just during mating rituals.

Our sandhill crane anniversary tattoos were collaborated on, drawn by, and the tattooed by Tiffany Tuffington of Honest to Goodness in Grand Rapids, MI